Friday, March 25, 2005

Acclaimed director, Jacquie Trowell goes independent

In other news from Triggerfish, Jacquie Trowell has left her creative director post at the studio after starting the well-known animation company with Emma Kaye nearly ten years ago. "I've had a great run at Triggerfish and animation will still play an enormous role in my career. It's just time to include new things. Stuart Forrest will take up the Triggerfish reins and his passion for stop-frame animation means that the name will live on. Right now, I'm joining the freelance ranks and getting involved with pretty diverse projects." Jacquie recently won one of the five positions in the Film South Africa director's challenge and is directing a commercial that combines live action and stop-frame animation. The ad, promoting South Africa as a filming destination, will be showcased at Cannes this year.

Jacquie Trowell working on "Souvenir"
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