Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet....the animator (Aibe Elukpo)

Although Aibe went on to study media and communication at university, as a child growing up, he always had a passion for animation. "I remember how my brother and I would always talk about animation...imagining how it's done and how we could become people that actually do it!" After doing a short course in animation here in Cape Town, Aibe's childhood dream was realised and he joined Triggerfish as an intern. Aside from working on Zambezia, in the two years he has been at the studio, Aibe has worked on a number of other Triggerfish projects. He is a keen gamer and when he's not watching animation Aibe loves reading Frank Miller's graphic novels. Two of his favourite animation characters are Timon ('Lion King') and Mushu, the dragon in Mulan. Pin It

Friday, August 20, 2010

Khumba's getting in the mood....

Daniel Clarke has been inspiring us with his mood paintings for 'Khumba', our second feature in production. These are some of his initial mood paintings of the Karoo landscape in which the story is set.

'Khumba' is about a half-striped zebra who embarks on a quest to find his missing stripes and you can watch the pilot/teaser here.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet....the concept artist (Daniel Clarke)

"I am in awe of some of the Russian painters Like Ilya Repin and Isaac Levitan and their understanding of light."

Before this talented, young illustrator joined Triggerfish, Daniel was working as a freelance conceptual designer and illustrator. His foray into animation began about five years ago with charcoal rub-out illustrations (ala William Kentridge) and hand drawn cell animation. Some of Daniel's favourite painters that he takes his inspiration from include Goya, Velásquez, Rembrandt, Picasso and Gustav Klimt. Two of his favourite contemporary painters are Lucian Freud and Phil Hale. As for the fictional character that Daniel most identifies with....."Batman, because I also don a mask and fight crime by night." Pin It

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet......the animator (Sue Sauer)

 As is the case for many animators working in the industry, the first Toy Story got Sue hooked and ever since she was a teenager, she has had a keen interest in animation. Before joining Triggerfish to work on our feature, Zambezia, Sue gained invaluable experience at a company called Luma doing commercials for local television. Sue identifies with two animation characters that are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, Sakura from Naruto and Freakoziod!

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South African animation showcases in Brazil!

Anthony has just returned from Brazil where he attended Anima Mundi as representative of Animation SA (ASA). As vice-chair of ASA, Anthony put together a compilation of quirky music videos, diverse short films, and cutting-edge commercials which formed part of the South African showcase at the most important animation festival in South America.

"Rio was incredible and it was inspiring to see that South African animation was so well-received on an international platform", says Anthony.

The compilation from South Africa is the first of its kind and highlights the growth of this fledgling industry. It is by no means exhaustive and offers a taste of the incredible talent that reflects the colour, chaos and contradictions of living in South Africa. It features the diversity in style and aesthetic of our home-grown industry - from the work of internationally acclaimed artist William Kentridge, to Mike Scott's wacky music video for jazz-electro duo Goldfish to Jacquie Trowell's reflective, Golden Bear-nominated Beyond Freedom, as well as the multiple award-winning Public Service Announcement, The Rubbish Monster by Braam Jordaan.

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