Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet....the animator (Aibe Elukpo)

Although Aibe went on to study media and communication at university, as a child growing up, he always had a passion for animation. "I remember how my brother and I would always talk about animation...imagining how it's done and how we could become people that actually do it!" After doing a short course in animation here in Cape Town, Aibe's childhood dream was realised and he joined Triggerfish as an intern. Aside from working on Zambezia, in the two years he has been at the studio, Aibe has worked on a number of other Triggerfish projects. He is a keen gamer and when he's not watching animation Aibe loves reading Frank Miller's graphic novels. Two of his favourite animation characters are Timon ('Lion King') and Mushu, the dragon in Mulan. Pin It