Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life at the Pond - The Rise and Fall of Tony the Frog

Triggerfish has just finished production on the longest internationally commissioned CG animation made in South Africa. The producers expect the 30-minute direct-to-DVD video will make the international community start taking notice of South Africa as a viable destination for low-cost animation with high production value and a reliable delivery ethic.

The global animation industry is worth US$60 billion a year*, and it is growing steadily as demand for family entertainment increases. "The US client has been extremely happy with the final product," says Triggerfish producer Stuart Forrest. "We're expecting this to open a lot of doors for South Africa to service other foreign programming."

Ambient Animation, the South African producers of the DVD, outbid US and New Zealand companies who had produced previous episodes of the series, Life at the Pond. Triggerfish Animation was then hired as a service provider to create the full episode. Triggerfish has a long history in servicing US animation, having produced animation for nearly a decade for preschool education giant, Sesame Street.

With large commissions like these, there is an increasing demand for experienced animators. With the support of the Cape Film Commission, who see animation as a key area of focus, Triggerfish put together a training program alongside the project to maximize the value of the film for the company and the local industry.

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