Monday, July 27, 2009

New Triggerfish Production Facilities

For the past 2 years, Triggerfish studios have been located on the picturesque location of Dreyersdal Farm just 20 minutes from the heart of Cape Town city centre.
The new location - The Barn is on the left (The Long House is in the background) 
With the massive expansion of the team taking place on the production of Zambezia, a new space was required. We were sad at the thought of leaving the farm, but thankfully have managed to secure the ideal space on the same premises!The 100-year old Barn House is currently being renovated and kitted out to suit all our production needs.
The mezzanine floor being installed.

Dreyersdal Farm is a quiet spot, against the traffic, close to shops and what's more - the nearby lake which is teeming with bird-life provides the perfect inspiration for Zambezia :)
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