Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zambezia Read-throughs

A talented team of local performers came together to read through the script for Zambezia in preparation for the recording of the scratch track which will be used to create a rough animatic of the entire film. The experience of the performers and the spontaneity that the group dynamic brought has already brought new depth and humour to the film and even taken us in some new and surprising directions with characters that came alive through the reading.

Nik Rabinowitz and Zolani Mahola returned after working together with us previously on the Khumba promo. They were joined by director of Nik's shows and actor/comedian in his own right Brent Palmer, as well as established theatre and film actors Tshamano Sebe and Sizwe Msutu. The recordings took place at Media Village in Kalk Bay, and even though characters may be replaced by different performers once a full casting has taken place, they will form the basis of all future performances as well as timing of the animatic.
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