Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meet....the PA (to Director, Wayne Thornley)

One thing that’s always stood out for me in all of my adventures is that if you want to learn new things, it’s very much your own responsibility.

Before she became involved in the film industry Edelgard travelled the world trying her hand at everything from au-pairing to office management and graphic design. Although she has always been an avid fan of animation films, Zambezia is the first animation feature she has worked on and says: “Zambezia is without a doubt the best project I’ve been involved with since becoming a fulltime freelancer in the industry.” Edelgard is particularly inspired by the writings of Paulo Coelho as well as her eclectic musical taste which includes Björk, Tom Waits, James Morrison and Mika. The animation character she most identifies with is Mumble from Happy Feet because she has often considered herself a bit of a loner and outsider. “Like Mumble, I also lacked knowing my ‘heartsong’ from an early age, but later I came to understand that uniqueness isn’t an affliction but rather a forte`”. Pin It

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