Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meet.....the Triggerfish All-Star (Remi)

“Seeing the final modelled character come to life is a feeling like no other”.

Remi first joined the Triggerfish team as an intern in 2006 and after 6 months it was clear that we could never let him leave.  He is our resident all-rounder with a talent for character design, storyboarding, animation, modelling and texturing which means he often gets pulled in different directions amongst the various departments.  Remi did a one-year course in 3D modelling and animation at Prestige Academy and it’s been inspiring to see him develop to his full potential over the last five years he has been with the studio. He finds the process of storyboarding a script particularly exciting as well as the challenges that come with character design.  Animation classics from Walt Disney to the Warner Brothers’ Looney tunes have been influential on his work with his favourite character being Donald Duck. “Sometimes I can be really clumsy and really put my foot in it. Often I walk away from a Donald Duck cartoon with a great sense of happiness. I feel that I want people to feel the same happiness and satisfaction after being in my presence.”

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