Thursday, April 7, 2011

Khumba's got legs!

After 4 months of pre-prod, Khumba is officially in production and as you can see from the initial concept art, team-K have been hard at work.

It was inspiring to kick off the month with Anthony briefing the rest of the studio on his vision for the project. For Anthony, co-writing and directing this story is part of a personal journey that we are all now a part of.

But as we begin to realise that there are certain things about ourselves which we can change and other things which we need to accept – even embrace - that is when we come to realise that it is perhaps that very thing with which we struggled our whole lives which has helped shape us… in a positive way. (Director's note)

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1 comment:

Thembisa said...

AMAZING! I am so excited to see what you guys create!