Thursday, February 2, 2012

Animation All-Stars at the Annies!

Without a doubt, the Annie Awards are a highlight of the animation industry's calendar. Anyone and everyone who is anyone in animation will be at the awards so don't miss out and watch it live from L.A. this weekend. We are particularly excited because some of the cast of our upcoming feature, Zambezia, will be presenting this year's awards, including Jim Cummings (Lion King, Shrek, Aladdin) and Phil LaMarr (Futurama).

Ned Lott, our casting director and associate producer on Zambezia teamed up with Tom Kenny a.k.a. Spongebob to cook up some skits to get you in the mood. Check them out on Facebook and vote for your favourite.

We can't be there, unfortunately, but two of our executive producers, Mace Neufeld and Edward Noeltner head of Cinema Management Group will be attending the 39th annual awards ceremony.

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