Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Production begins, Triggerfish expands

Friday 2nd of October marked the official start of production on Zambezia with an Induction Day for the new team. With pre-production drawing to a close, various positions have been filled for the production team as Triggerfish expanded its team in order to tackle the momentous task of producing a full length feature in a year.

Since we announced the call for positions in June, we have had over 550 applicants and it has been a steady process of shortlisting and interviewing potential applicants for each of the positions.

The day started with a brief history of the company and project from partners Stuart, Mike and Anthony, and then a vision for the way forward from Wayne, the director. Vanessa Sinden, line producer of the film and Cathy Bradley, our HR manager rounded off the briefings before the entire team took some time to get to know one another over a braai at our new premises.

Wayne eating some of the cast from Zambezia

Vanessa and Cathy

Over the next few months, the crew will expand even more as the animators and remaining members of the team join the project. This marks the beginning of an exciting new future for the Triggerfish team and we heartily welcome all the new Triggerfishies!

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