Thursday, October 29, 2009

South Africa toons embrace S3D

'Jock,' 'Zambezia' go into production (as published in Variety Oct 27th 2009)

South Africa has two animated feature films in production, both of which are using S3D.

“Jock of the Bushveld,” directed by Duncan MacNeillie, started production in 2007 and is scheduled for a late 2010 release, while “Zambezia,” directed by Wayne Thornley, has only just gone into production for a 2011 release.

Neither project was originally planned to be in S3D. MacNeillie decided to adopt the format after visiting the Annecy animation fest in France in June, about a year after starting production, while “Zambezia” made the shift during pre-production, on the recommendation of its international sales agent, Cinema Management Group.

“Jock” is based on Percy Fitzpatrick’s much-loved 1907 novel about a plucky dog, while “Zambezia” is the story of Kai, an isolated young falcon who leaves his home and father to make a life for himself in the amazing bird city of Zambezia.

Both “Jock” and “Zambezia” have been budgeted to travel internationally. “Zambezia” has already sold to a number of territories worldwide, while MacNeillie said, “‘Jock’ is Africa’s only animal classic and was inspired by Rudyard Kipling, who visited Sir Percy Fitzpatrick in South Africa. We believe the project will appeal to the world market.”

“Khumba,” Triggerfish’s follow-up to “Zambezia,” will also be produced in stereoscopic 3D for its 2012 release, according to director Anthony Silverston.

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