Monday, November 2, 2009

Another milestone for Zambezia

Drawings by Remi Abrahams

At the end of last week we couldn't help ourselves and celebrated the completion of pre-production on our first feature, Zambezia. But the pre-production wrap party wasn't just an excuse to for a well-deserved Friday afternoon drink! We also wanted to show our appreciation to the team who worked so hard to make sure that we met our deadline:

Lindsay van Blerk (storyboard supervisor) who drew many of the scenes himself and managed the team churning out thousands of drawings and to Allan Cameron (production designer) who set the look and feel of the whole movie with his amazing concept drawings of action scenes. And of course, Big UP to the rest of the storyboard team made up of Iain Bold, Remi "aw shucks" Abrahams, Daniel Clarke, Aibe Elukpo, Michel Smit and editors, Duane Busa and Warren Coetzer.

Now with the entire storyboard and scratch track laid down, it's all systems go! Pin It

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