Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meet....the line producer, Vanessa Sinden

“I don’t think you can plan or even study to get into Production. If you have the skills, passion and drive for the behind the scenes stuff, I think you just fall into it.”

In her previous life (before she was bit by the film bug, that is) Vanessa studied and worked in Marketing. Her passion for working in film began when she landed a few acting roles in commercials. Being on set opened her eyes to the workings behind the scenes and she instantly knew that this would be her “next big thing”. Vanessa started at the bottom but quickly worked her way up into Production on both commercials and features. Together with Wayne Thornley and Reyer Meihuizen, Vanessa started The Crucial Project with a vision to produce quality, family-orientated films. The Crucial Project’s animated short of a CG series, Hyde’s Angel was presented to sales agents and distributors at Annecy in 2006.

Vanessa has always loved animation and, as a child, can remember starting many a day with a bowl of coco pops while watching Grootbek. Some of her favourite animations include Surf's Up, Kung Fu Panda and Coraline. The animation character she most identifies with? “Sometimes I feel a bit like Wall-e, feeling like life is mostly lots of hard work and faithfulness, but then there is that sweet moment, or season, when everything pales in comparison.” Pin It

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