Monday, December 7, 2009

Team-building can be a minefield

"He was running with his friend from town to town before he was captured. His friend was faster and knew a shortcut through the fields he could take. He said he would come and rescue him and ran a few lengths ahead,like a wild rabbit across the grass,he turned his head, looked back once, and his body was scattered across the field. Dare to try and escape the Triggerfish minefield at 13h30 today or die trying!"

This ominous note that appeared on everyone's desks Friday morning turned out to be a great team-building exercise that Cathy organised for the Triggerfish crew. The activity was designed to build trust between team members, and to show how communication affects the way we work - energizing our computer-eyed animators in the fresh country air didn't hurt either!

Everyone had to pair up and one person from each pair was blindfolded. The unblindfolded person was the captured prisoner and had to guide their escaped partner (blindfolded) through a minefield of "landmines" using verbal instructions only.

Needless to say it was pandemonium with 15 teams battling it out shouting instructions & using code while the escaped prisoners walked ‘blindly’ towards them to the finish line. The winners were Simon & Quentin, largely due to Simon’s booming voice - unfortunately we don’t have a recording so photos will have to suffice.

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