Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And the winner of this year's (T)oscar is.........

The (T)oscars have become a bit of a Triggerfish tradition and this year's ceremony at the studio was a great opportunity to acknowledge the time, creative energy and hard work that everyone has put into making our first feature, Zambezia! Some of the awards included:

Kane - The 'Fantastic Mr Fix' Award

Karen - 'Mother of All Hens' Award (for taking all her chicklets under her wing and showing them the ropes).

Lindsay - 'Silent Movie' Award (for wanting to cut copious amounts of dialogue).

Mike - 'Stop, You can’t do that!' Award (for his less is more approach: “You can’t have so many characters, landscapes, camera moves....”)

Thabe - 'Pumpkin Patch' Award (for creating pumpkins you would sing for – “oh, oh, oh…”)

Edelgard - The 'Blackberry' Award (for keeping our director Wayne in touch and organized).

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