Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meet....the layout artist, Keenan Manshon

“I am ambitious and determined to make a contribution to animation, especially when it comes to changing people’s perceptions that animation is something only for kids.”

For as long as he can remember, Keenan has been inspired by animation. His love for animation began as a child watching Disney movies and then when Pixar came along... well then he just knew that a career in 3D animation was for him! Keenan is currently working on the feature film, Zambezia, and is responsible for setting up the final camera shots using storyboards as well as placing characters within the scene and adding rough animation to get a sense of timing. Keenan first joined Triggerfish as an intern after studying at The Animation School and then spent a few months freelancing before starting to work as a layout artist on Zambezia. If he had to choose one animation character he most identifies with, it would be Remy from Ratatouille because he was also determined and ambitious. Pin It

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