Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet....the critics!

Zambezia was screened to the most discerning critics in the animation of course!  Last Saturday, a group of boys and girls, ranging from the ages of 4 -14 descended on to the studio to view the first 20 minutes of our feature. Despite their age, the critics took their job seriously and armed with crisps and sweets, they didn't waste any time getting stuck in (to the film, not the snacks, that is).

On the whole, the focus group yielded some interesting and favourable results. Our loony stork, Gogo and the terrified lizard were a hit and definitely got the most laughs. Director, Wayne Thornley was pleased that even the younger kids didn't have any trouble following the story and that many of them remembered lines from the script: "It was great seeing them engage with our story. It's so rewarding to get the reaction you're hoping for."  And best of all, after the seeing the 20 minutes they were excited to see more. We're taking that as a thumbs up! Pin It

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