Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New arrivals on Zambezia!

Photo: Deep Roy with Noureen DeWulf and Zambezia's 'gossip girls', Kelly Stables and Kristen Rutherford.

As Gogo, our loony, old stork, always says...Zambezia is a place "where birds of every feather flock together" and if our growing, colourful (not to mention talented) cast is anything to go by, her words couldn't be any more true!

Photo: Deep Roy in the recording studio

Experienced TV actress and voice-artist, Kelly Stables (Hoodwinked) and Kristen Rutherford (Howl’s Moving Castle) have teamed up to make the perfect pair of 'Gossip Girls'. Noureen DeWulf (The Back Up Plan and Oceans’ Thirteen) is the voice of Pavi, our Bollywood-inspired Ibis and Jamal Mixon (The Nutty Professor) is Ezee, the incorrigibly laidback Nightjar. We also have on board the veteran actor, Deep Roy (Transformers, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Star trek) bringing his wealth of experience to the character of Mushana, Zambezia's ubiquitous Green Pigeon.  Pin It

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