Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet....the animator (Tessa Comrie)

"I'm inspired by good stories, trees, conversations over wine with interesting people, the backs of cereal boxes and this general mad journey of life."

Tessa never trained formally in 3D animation but this talented, young animator has managed to learn a lot on the fly. Before joining the team working on Zambezia, Tessa worked at Anamazing on the 3D production Liewe Heksie. She studied Fine Art at Rhodes University majoring in photography and video, where she "baked, created and burnt" her own dark fairytale stop-frame animations. Stop-frame animated films like those made by Tim Burton are her first love but Ratatouille and Triplets of Belleville have also been an inspiration. At the moment she feels a bit like Rapunzel locked in a tower creating mad amounts of animation, but the fictional character she most identifies with is Alice in Wonderland: "Like her, I get to live and invent in a fantasy world that is very real to me.  She also has a flawed sense of direction and rarely follows her own advice."

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