Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zambezia goes to Hollywood!

“Everyone contributed to some awesome new moments and jokes that weren't in the script. I love my job!” – Wayne Thornley (Director)
Photo (left to right): Todd Edwards, Wayne Thornley, Jim Cummings, Stuart Forrest, Ned Lott.

Zambezia director, Wayne Thornley and producer, Stuart Forrest spent a whirlwind week in Hollywood with our US voice and casting director Ned Lott, drinking Starbucks coffee, recording voices, drinking Starbucks coffee with our sales agent, drinking Starbucks coffee….well, you get the picture. But they did put that coffee buzzzz to good use and returned home with voice recordings of all our major characters in the bag!

Todd Edwards (co-writer/director of Hoodwinked) who did a comedy pass on the script along with his brother Cory, was also in the recording studio so it was great to have another set of ears in the mix.

Photo: Jeremy Suarez as 'Kai'.

Photo: 'Like father, like son' - Jeremy Suarez and Phil Lamarr

Jeremy Suarez who starred as Koda in Disney’s ‘Brother Bear’ delivered a great performance playing the part of our hero Kai. We are thrilled to also have on board the extremely talented and experienced Jim Cummings voice the role of Budzo. Jim has a host of movies under his belt – most recently as the Cajun firefly, Ray in ‘The Princess and the Frog’. Phil Lamarr whose voice acting skills have landed him roles in ‘Futurama’ and ‘Family Guy’ to name a few, voiced Kai's father, Tendai.

Photo: Jim Cummings transforms into the diabolical 'Budzo'.

Indonesian-born actress, Tania Gunadi who is the voice of a cute, weaver called Tini and British actor, David Shaughnessy who plays the part of Morton, a scavenging Marabou stork, both delivered fantastic performances.

Photo: Tania Gunadi as 'Tini'....how can you resist that smile?

Photo: David Shaughnessy as 'Morton', the scavenging Marabou stork.

Last but not least we recorded the larger-than-life, Jenifer Lewis who was Flo in ‘Cars’ and Madame Odie in ‘The Princess and The Frog’. And she is perfect for the role of Gogo, the loony old stork who comes crashing into Kai’s world!

 Photo: Jenifer Lewis as the irrepressible 'Gogo'! Pin It

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