Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet.....the Technical Director (Sandy Sutherland)

“I guess I identify most with Wily E. Coyote from Road Runner as so many times plans have backfired on me!!”
Before Sandy joined the Zambezia team to head up the Technical and Rigging Department, he was the Lead Technical Director at Blackginger so it’s been a fantastic to have someone with his experience and knowledge on board. His department also doubles as the Effects team which means that in addition to dealing with the crucial issue of feathers, Sandy is also at the helm of the crew that will be creating all the water, rain and clouds in the film. Sandy studied Computer Science in Edinburgh and, as a dedicated H.O.D, aspires to be effective in providing his team of animators with the tools to perform at their best. “Most of my influences are the big animated/effects movies and the one I found most inspirational recently was 'How to Train your Dragon'.

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