Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's a baby boom!

As if things weren't busy enough at Triggerfish, people are still finding the time to make babies. Congratulations to Mike and Kate who have a production baba on the way! To celebrate (and because we're always looking for a good excuse to indulge in some shenanigans) the studio held a baby shower for the parents-to-be. 

As part of the festivities, we had a competition for the best baby pic.......say no more. 

And while Mike and Kate opened presents, we kept ourselves busy sucking frozen jelly babies (trust us, you don't want to see the pictures) and making sure we didn't say the forbidden word 'baby' for fear of having to hand over our prize safety pins to the accuser.
Displaying a highly competitive streak, Pearl managed to collect 12 safety pins and then joined forces with Ivan to design some "safety" jewellery.

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