Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet the...animator extraordinaire

"My inspirations are my family and friends. Subtle, dry humor. Being a music snob, snobbish music and Back to the Future."

Being an animator extraordinaire, Matt has had a life-long love affair with the medium. Before joining the Zambezia crew, Matt worked at Character Matters on The Lion of Judah. But in a previous incarnation, Matt has been an English teacher in South Korea, a security guard at a bakery and a student of Fine Art and Graphic Design. Before that he was a high school student. Before that he was a primary school student. Before that he was happy. Before that he was just swimming around. The character he most identifies with is Linguine from Ratatouille: "I have a big nose and I can't cook.... although I'm learning. You hear that world!? I'm learning!" Pin It

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Beyond the Parallel said...

Teaching in South Korea, Mat was know as mattduki teacher, which means grasshopper. Go grasshopper teacher!