Friday, August 3, 2012

Reach For Your Slippers

Here at Triggerfish Animation we decided to support Reach For a Dream in their fundraising initiative "Reach For Your Slippers". We paid R10 for a sticker to wear on the day, the proceeds of which go to the Reach For a Dream Foundation. We took it one step further, however, and instead of just wearing our slippers to work, we also brought our favourite blankets and teddies. The weather was perfect - overcast but it hadn't started to rain yet - and we enjoyed cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows! Here are some pics of the best-dressed :)

Blankies and Teddies!


Faghrie with his teddy!
There is always someone who takes it to the next level - for us it was Tom channeling Hugh Hefner. 

We also thought it would be nice if we donated our teddies to charity (those of us who were brave enough to part with them). We found a worthy cause in The Warehouse's Donate a Bear initiative! If you'd like to brighten a child's life with a teddy through Donate A Bear, contact Pat Burgess on 021 761 1168. 

The Teddy Box!

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