Friday, August 10, 2012

Stop the Presses

Our first film, Adventures in Zambezia, is now showing in Israel. Thousands of people have been to see it and even though Israel is a relatively small territory, Adventures in Zambezia remains the number one independent animation film after its 4th week in the local market.

Adventures in Zambezia is taking on a life of its own as distributors around the world are attaching their own stars to the project. It's exciting stuff for our studio as we anticipate the film's release in Russia and Germany later this month.

Film has the capacity to showcase a country's creativity which is why it remains a prestigious cultural export. The world has heard of Hollywood, and now Bollywood, and even Nollywood is starting to make its presence felt. It's time for South Africa.

And the press is picking-up on this. Here are two articles that came out recently talking about what we are trying to do:

How Stuart Forrest built one of Africa's top animation studios

and we made CNN ...

'Zambezia': 3D animation puts South Africa film in the picture

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